ACS Welcomes Summer Intern!

ACS is excited to welcome Sarah Alahmadi to our summer internship program!

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Guidelines for Technology-Based Assessment

Drew and Deborah were delighted to collaborate with industry colleagues on a document recently released by the International Test Commission (ITC) and the Association of Test Publishers (ATP) titled “Guidelines for Technology-Based Assessment”. Click below to learn more about Deborah and Drew's contribution to this document.

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Three Common Questions (and Misconceptions) about NCCA Accreditation

The process of receiving or renewing NCCA accreditation can feel overwhelming, and can lead to questions that may not appear to have clearly defined answers. How many forms does our program need to publish? Is a retake policy really important? Why would our program need to check examination items for bias? This article helps to clarify a few of these common questions and misconceptions.

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Commitment to Service

A fundamental principle for ACS is providing service to the measurement community. Click here to learn more about where and how ACS demonstrates its commitment to service.



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With more than a century of combined experience, ACS Ventures, LLC (ACS) is an industry leader in testing and credentialing. Our staff members consult directly with state, regional, national, and international education, and credentialing testing programs. ACS has designed and led numerous test development and validation activities, conducted alignment and standard setting studies for a wide variety of clients, and has continuously provided actionable and appropriate study designs to program leaders on various testing related issues. 

Please click here to read about ACS Ventures' Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policy. 




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