ICE Exchange 2022

 ACS at the ICE Exchange 2023

ACS team Chad, Drew, Jaime, Scott, and Susan will all be at the ICE Exchange 2023 in Colorado Springs, CO.

Please join our team in the following scheduled discussions:

How an Offline Performance Test was Added to an Established Credentialing Program.

Join us and participate in discussions on how you design and integrate a performance test within an existing credentialing program; and, how you balance diverse requirements from Board members, candidates, SMEs, and employers to design the right solution, etc.

Wednesday, October 25, 2023 @10:15am – 11:15am MST

Moderator:     Margaret Lyons, ICE-CCP – Casualty Actuarial Society

Presenters:      Alicia Burke, Ashley Zamperini, Casualty Actuarial Society

Chad Buckendahl, PhD, ICE-CCP – ACS Ventures, LLC


Warning: Graphic content. Test developer discretion advised! Extending readability analyses to item exhibits.

Are you interested in finding out more about the “concept of readability” in exam development to increase fairness? Join us and hear practitioners in the architecture and credentialing fields about their approach to evaluating item and graphic content readability.

Thursday, October 26, 2023 @ 2:10 PM – 2:20 PM MST.

Presenters:      Jaime Kavanaugh, MSEd, ICE-CCP – ACS Ventures, LLC

Terrance Gutberlet, MFA, ICE-CCP – NCARB

Susan Davis-Becker, PhD, ICE-CCP – ACS Ventures, LLC


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