ATP 2018!

ATP 2018!

ACS will be actively involved at the ATP Conference and are looking forward to seeing everyone in San Antonio.

In February, ACS will be attending the ATP Innovations in Testing conference in San Antonio, TX.  The conference presents a great opportunity to meet with our fellow measurement professionals and to hear about the trends and innovations that our shaping the future of the assessment industry.  ACS will be actively involved in the conference, and please join us for any of the sessions listed below.

•On Monday at 1:30, Chad will be joining a prestigious panel of industry experts who will be discussing better ways to communicate regarding the value of testing.  In the session, Cross Industry Panel: Communicating the value of testing, you can join him and the other panel members as they discuss ways to positively demonstrate the value of testing within our schools, professional associations and across all of society.

•At the same time, Drew will participate in a symposium (Standard setting in an evolving assessment environment) focused on the challenges faced when setting standards on new or innovative assessment.  As assessments are increasingly populated by technology enhanced items and performance tasks and are being administered to an ever widening range of students, traditional models of standard setting will need to be refined to better address the challenges of these enhancements.  This session will review these challenges and some of the models that are being used to address these challenges.

•On Tuesday at 2:30, Drew will participate in a symposium (Using principled-design to support coherence in state and local assessment systems) that will discuss work being funded through the US Department of Education Enhanced Assessment Grant (EAG).  ACS, along with edCount LLC and numerous state departments of education, are working on creating tools and resources that will encourage the development of cohesive, integrated assessment programs in states and school districts.

We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones while at ATP.