ACS Welcomes Assessment Specialist, Russ Keglovits to the team!

Russ Keglovits head shot

Welcome Russ!

Russ is an Assessment Specialist for ACS Ventures.  Prior to joining the ACS team, Russ was an accountability director for a state department of education.  He has managed the collection, analysis, and reporting of large-scale assessment data including public reports of state-wide school rankings.  Russ’s experience includes managing accountability requirements for the state of Nevada, including the completion of standard setting workshops, translating policy requirements into reporting systems, facilitating technical advisory committees, and conducting program evaluations.  Additionally, Russ is a United States Army Veteran who has over ten years of classroom teaching experience as a licensed educator in two states within secondary and post-secondary institutions. Russ’s professional interests include engaging with assessment programs, identifying strengths and weaknesses of the program, and developing through solutions to any identified issues.