ACS’s Commitment to Professional Contributions

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ACS’s Commitment to Professional Contributions

A fundamental principle for ACS is providing contributions within the measurement community. Through this service, ACS helps to build an active, thoughtful, and dynamic working environment that supports practitioners in building effective assessment programs for their constituencies. Over the years, ACS team members have delivered presentations at conferences, authored journal articles and book chapters, and edited of books.  Some of the notable recent contributions include:

·       At the 2019 NCME conference in Toronto, Drew participated in a symposium focused on the Strengthening Claims-based Interpretations and Uses of Local and Large-Scale Science Assessment Scores (SCILLSS) project that ACS is participating.  The SCILLS project is funded through the U.S. Department of Education Enhanced Assessment Grant (EAG) and is led by the state of Nebraska and edCount.

·       At the 2019 CCSSO/NCSA conference in Orlando, Chad participated in a symposium focused on Equity related issues presenting alongside  with Pat Roschewski from Data Recognition Corporation Andy Middlestead from the Michigan DOE, Laura Pinsonneault from the Wisconsin DOE, and Shelly Loving-Ryder from the Virginia DOE.

·       Chad and Jaime recently co-authored a white paper for ICE on best practices for documenting psychometric evidence. Jaime also led a webinar focused on this subject that can be found here.

·       Deborah and Drew co-authored a chapter for ICE's Certification Handbook focused on the selection, development, and management of different item types in credentialing programs. The book will be released in November of 2019 and can be pre-ordered here.

Moving forward, over the next few months:

·       Susan will be presenting at the CLEAR conference in Minneapolis in September. Susan will be part of a symposium along with Peter Mackey and Chris Wiese titled “SMEs – Can’t live with ‘Em, Can’t live without ‘Em: Managing conflicts and Biases Among Experts.”

·       Susan is also presenting in a symposium at the ABMS conference in September in Chicago titled “Advancing from a topic-level to a task-based content outline for exam design” along with Pooja Shivraj, PhD, and Dr. Wilma Larsen.

Deborah will be a panelist at the 2019 ICE Exchange in the "booktalk" session which will unveil the ICE Certification Handbook to the measurement community for the first time and discuss best practices and guidelines for credentialing programs.