NCME 2017 Legal Interpretation

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At the 2017 NCME conference, Chad was part of a symposium focused on the aftermath of the recent court case Gulino vs Board of Education.  Chad served as an expert witness and reflected how the ruling could change the expectations for expert testimony in court cases involving credentialing and employment assessments.  (more…)

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ITC 2016 – Public Perceptions of Assessment

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At the 2016 conference, Chad presented a paper focused on the public perceptions of education assessment.  The paper discussed perceptions of educational assessment as a whole as well as perceptions of specific activities, such as the use of assessments in college admissions.    (more…)

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NCME Standard Setting Workshop

At the 2016 NCME conference, Chad was one of the facilitators for a workshop focused on the policies and procedures that should be followed when completing standard setting activities.  Chad discussed the data and information that should be collected throughout the workshop to help support the final cut scores identified and support the overall legal defensibility of the process. (more…)

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