NCME 2016 – NY Court Case

Boy looking through the binoculars at New York city

At the 2016 NCME conference, Chad discussed a recent court case that he served as an expert witness.  The court was focused on the educator credentialing exam in New York, and could have far ranging implications for our credentialing and employment programs. (more…)

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CCSSO 2016 – Proactive Planning

top view of Brooklyn Bridge

At the 2016 CCSSO NCSA conference, Chad and Drew participated in a symposium focused on the issues for test sponsors when significant testing irregularities happen during the test administration.  The symposium focused on issues with failed test delivery, inappropriate materials being used, and problems when scoring test items.  They focused on steps that can be made prior to the test administration to help quickly address issues and keep the test administration on track.    (more…)

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ATP 2016 – Test Score Validity

Orange County Convention Center

At the 2016 ATP conference, Drew participated in a symposium focused on validity. Drew's presentation reviewed current validity theory and discussed ways that validity evidence can be gathered throughout the entire assessment lifecycle. (more…)

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ICE 2015 – Cognitive Labs for New Items

Portland, Oregon bridge , Cathedral Park

At the 2015 ICE conference, Susan, along with Jared Zurn from NCARB, presented a paper focused on the development of new item types.  Jared and Susan discussed ways that cognitive labs could be used to streamline the process of piloting new items and also provide critical information for the program. (more…)

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CLEAR 2015 – Score Reporting

Boston panorama, sail boat

At the 2015 CLEAR conference, Susan discussed legal and fairness issues associated with score reporting.  Susan was joined by Peter Mackey from the CFA Institute.  A number of critical questions about score reporting were addressed as well as reviewing critical standards that need to be met. (more…)

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