EATP 2018 – Assessment Literacy

Rio Antirio Bridge Greece

At the Europe ATP conference in Athens Greece, Chad participated in a symposium with Ellen Forte (edCount) and Barbara Donahue from the Standards and Testing Agency in the UK.  The symposium focused assessment literacy and how working with constituents to enhance their assessment literacy can help to build greater cohesion and consistency in testing programs.    (more…)

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Nevada DOE Evaluation – 2018

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The Nevada Department of Education has released the 2018 Nevada External Outcomes Evaluation. This report was a co-venture of ACS Ventures, the Center for Research, Evaluation, and Assessment at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and MYS Project Management and is focused on the evaluation of state funded programs designed to strengthen education in the state. (more…)

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ATP 2018 – Standard Setting

San Antonio Riverwalk

At the 2018 Innovations in Testing in conference, Drew was part of a symposium that included Liz Summers from edCount and Stephen Sireci from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst.  Each presenter focused on issues in standard setting, and how to best address challenges that organizations face when setting cut scores for their assessment program.  (more…)

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CCSSO 2017 – Complex Item Types

Bridge into Austin

At the NCSA/CCSSO conference in Austin TX, Drew presented research focused on incorporating complex item types in standard setting.  As an increasing number of assessments utilize technology enhanced items and additional extended items, the standard setting task becomes more complex for panelists and this presentation focused on practical solutions to the challenge that panelists face.      (more…)

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