ICE 2018 – Cut to the Core

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At the 2018 ICE conference, Jaime and Chad presented with Grady Colson Barnhill from the NCCPA.  ACS completed a job analysis for physician assistance with NCCPA and this session focused on how the results from this job analysis were used to identify the foundation or core concepts necessary to include the credentialing examination.    (more…)

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ICE 2017 – Competency Modeling

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At the 2017 ICE conference, Chad was a participant in an interactive panel focused on the relationship between job analysis and competency modeling.  This far ranging discussion focused on what issues and questions job analyses are designed to address, and how questions focused on competency modeling can fit and not fit into that process. (more…)

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ICE 2017 – Credentialing versus employment

Louis Armstrong Park New Orleans

At the 2017 ICE conference, Chad participated in a symposium with Sarah Carroll (Castle Worldwide) and William Ellis (Board of Pharmacy Specialties).  The symposium presented multiple perspectives on the legal, measurement, and practical considerations for credentialing programs when their assessment is used as an employment test (more…)

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NCME 2017 Legal Interpretation

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At the 2017 NCME conference, Chad was part of a symposium focused on the aftermath of the recent court case Gulino vs Board of Education.  Chad served as an expert witness and reflected how the ruling could change the expectations for expert testimony in court cases involving credentialing and employment assessments.  (more…)

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