Commitment to Service

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ACS’s Commitment to Service

A fundamental principle for ACS is providing service to the measurement community. Through this service, ACS helps to build an active, thoughtful, and dynamic community that supports practitioners in building effective assessment programs for their constituencies. Over the years, ACS team members have supported multiple organizations.

This year, ACS takes great pleasure in congratulating Susan on an exceptional accomplishment. Susan was recently elected to the 2022 National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME) Board of Directors. In addition to this achievement, Susan was also elected to the 2022 Board of Directors for the Association of Test Publishers (ATP)!

These two industry leading organizations each represent critical aspects of the overall assessment community. ATP is a global organization dedicated to preserving the general health of the assessment industry, including the value of our assessments and the overall health of our industry. NCME represents a more technical side to assessment, with NCME members producing articles and conferences focused on critical psychometric aspects of assessment such as scoring practices while also working to find ways to better integrate assessment into the overall education community. Susan’s wide ranging and diverse experience in the field of assessment allows her this unique opportunity to serve on two boards in the testing industry.

Congratulations on this exciting endeavor, Susan! We look forward to the exciting contributions you will make to the testing industry with your work on these boards.