ICE Handbook 3rd Edition

Deb and Drew ICE Handbook

Deb and Drew Contribute to the new ICE Handbook

ACS psychometricians Deborah Schnipke and Andrew Wiley recently contributed to ICE’s newest handbook edition titled: “Certification: The ICE Handbook, 3rd Edition”. The handbook is a step-by-step guide to designing and implementing effective professional certification programs, written by recognized experts and ICE colleagues with applied knowledge of practical experience.

Deb and Drew’s chapter, “Selection and Use of Item Types”, is targeted toward new assessment programs or ones that are considering item types other than multiple choice. They discuss industry standards that assessment programs should keep in mind while determining which item type(s) to use on their assessment. They provide examples of a variety of commonly available item types and discuss their pros and cons. They also discuss recent research on item types, testing accommodations, fairness issues, and security considerations. Get your copy here.