Andrew Wiley, Ph.D.

Partner, Andrew Wiley,


Drew is a Partner with ACS and specializes evaluation and operational support to ensure that validity evidence adheres to industry best practices. He received his Ph.D. in psychometrics from Fordham University. His experience as the research lead for nationally recognized assessment programs, such as the SAT and the PSAT/NMSQT meant that he was responsible for ensuring the reliability, validity, and fairness of these programs. Drew has also led independent investigations into highly-visible statewide assessment programs as well as classroom based assessment tasked with evaluating consistency with industry best practices. Currently, Drew is partnering with several assessment stakeholders that are engaging in major redesigns of their existing assessment programs as well as introducing new assessment programs. Drew continues to be actively involved with the measurement community and has served on multiple committees for the National Council on Measurement (NCME) and the Association of Test Publishers (ATP), including a term as the Chair of the Board of Trustees. Drew’s research interests include program redesign, product development, and quality assurance practices, and he enjoys the challenge of finding defensible practices with assessment programs considering product changes or introducing new assessments.

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