Press Release

Press Release

December 20, 2021


SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, December 2021 — ACS Ventures, LLC (ACS) lends its psychometric expertise to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (CA DMV) as they release their much-anticipated online testing platform with new exam content.

In an effort to offer Californians more ways to access the CA DMV services and to keep California on top as a leading force in technology, the CA DMV enlisted psychometric firm, ACS Ventures, LLC to help develop and implement a complete revision to their Basic Knowledge, Provisional and Renewal exams, as well as to their proctoring system by offering these revised and refreshed tests to their customers online.

ACS used industry best practices to develop three new exams from the ground up. As leaders within the psychometric space, ACS created new blueprints and developed new item content for each of the three exams. ACS developed items with procedures that included both content and bias reviews to ensure the new tests are valid, fair, and equitable. ACS also created a maintenance plan to support the continuous evaluation of item and test performance to help ensure the items and new tests would continue to perform for the CA DMV in the most appropriate manner.

ACS’s partner and lead psychometrician, Andrew Wiley, Ph.D. (Drew), was instrumental in leading the ACS team in this endeavor. Drew was grateful to have been an integral part of this project and expressed the following thoughts on the project’s success:

“ It was an exciting opportunity to engage with the DMV team and help move their exams forward in a way that is consistent with industry best practices while at the same time better serving the overall population of candidates in California.”

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