Supporting Small Businesses

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Supporting Local Small Businesses

As a small business, ACS realizes the importance of supporting other local small businesses. Over the holidays, we provided our employees with a monetary gift and asked that it be used to support a local small business. We were excited to hear about the ways our employees used their gifts and wanted to share some of these with you.


Cactus Joe’s: Kelley is supporting the Las Vegas based nursery, Cactus Joe’s. On the drive to the beautiful Red Rock Canyon, you’ll find this gem of a nursery. Kelley plans to purchase some plants and succulents, native to the Las Vegas region to beautify her home.

Ijji Sushi Russ and his family enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Ijji Sushi in Reno, NV. He said, “The food was great and the place was packed!”.

Prehistoric Putt Lincoln (Susan) "My family and I enjoyed an afternoon of indoor mini-golf and soccer pool at Prehistoric Putt-Putt Prehistoric Putt Lincoln — LETS GO PUTT. We love that they have challenges for each hole that make the game extra fun!"

Ayat & Savara Bistro (Drew) "With our small business bonus, we first ordered some take out for the whole family at a fantastic Palestinian restaurant, Ayat in our neighborhood. They have an amazing dish called Maklouba that combines chicken with some amazing vegetables and spices and you can literally eat for days with one dish. After that, we lucked out and had a warm day, so we jumped at the chance and had brunch at one of our local favorites, Savara Bistro. All that really needs to be said here is Chocolate Pancakes; enough said."


Wayne Center for the Arts (Deb) "I used my small business bonus money to support my local Arts Center by signing my son up for a clay class series where he will get to work with clay, both on and off the pottery wheel, learning to make mugs, bowls, and sculptures."

Jule's and Francescos (Chad): "We used our small business bonus to support a couple local pizza places – Francesco’s and Jule’s."

Thai Basil (Heather) We used our gifted small business money to support our local mom and pop Thai restaurant…twice!

Grand Street Cafe (Jaime) "My husband and I used the money to go to a small, local restaurant (Grand Street Café), and we actually went without kids! It also happens to be Restaurant Week in our area, so the restaurant was running some specials that allowed us to try things we may not have otherwise. Thank you to ACS for our date night."

Moby Dicky's (Myrna) "My family and I dined at our favorite lakeside restaurant for a late lunch/early dinner on New Year's Eve. Moby Dicky's is a family-owned restaurant that serves fresh seafood, steaks, smaller bites and great drinks! Even in the winter, the people in Hendersonville flock to the heated patio to enjoy the beautiful view and the delicious food!"